Good songs for my band to play

2019-10-14 05:35

Contemporary Songs For Cover Function Bands To Learn Struggling to find contemporary party songs to learn in your cover function band? Check out or list of modern repertoire ideas, all of which have been recorded approximately within the last 2 years.Song List Check out our video, our song list is below that, and keep in mind that were happy to learn new tunes that you pick for us! good songs for my band to play

Dec 13, 2008 Bon Jovi is a good start; particularly Slippery When Wet.

May 02, 2012  We're a cover bar band. We like playing rock. Our set list includes Skynnard, Cream, ZZ Top, Petty, and some Stones, Chilli Peppers, Black Crowes, ABB. It also includes stuff that we like playing but nobody seems to want to hear (Mississippi Queen being a good example). We play about 56 country rock Mar 03, 2016 Loved by everyone: Radar Love by Golden Earring. Could easily accommodate an updated sound. Cool to listen to: This oldie from Three Dog good songs for my band to play Feb 25, 2009 I just recently got a band together and I was wondering what would be some good songs to play. We like classic and modern rock, but what would be some good songs taking into account our teen voices. Were all 15 but I'm the lead guitarist and don't really have to worry about singing.

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